Why stock cask ale? - An introduction

Cask Ale is British, is our national drink, and as such is now getting more media attention than it has had for years – encouraging people to try it more often or even for the first time

  • Cask Ale is outperforming the rest of the beer market quite considerably.
  • Cask Ale is the only product that is still unique to a pub - at present you cannot re-create it at home.
  • Cask Ale Drinkers are relatively upmarket and are more likely to earn considerably more than the National average wage. Having a good range of high quality cask ales will help attract these consumers.

Why stock Marston's cask ale?

The sales of cask ales from the big 4 National brewers (SN, Coors, Inbev, Carlsberg) are in large decline vs the sales from all other brewers being UP

Marston’s in recent years has purchased Jennings, Ringwood, and more recently Wychwood breweries, with a commitment to investing in these local breweries to grow their sales, and having the best range of local beers in the UK.

As well as providing lots of local support for these brands, Marston’s Pedigree is the Official Beer of the England & Wales Cricket Board, and we will be putting a huge amount of support behind England’s drive to win back the Ashes in 2009.

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Examples of Marston's Ale


  • Banks’s Original
  • Banks’s Bitter


  • Marston’s Pedigree
  • Marston’s Old Empire


  • Mansfield Cask Ale


  • Jennings Cumberland Ale
  • Jennings Sneck Lifter
  • Jennings Cocker Hoop


  • Wychwood Hobgoblin


  • Ringwood Best Bitter
  • Ringwood Forty Niner
  • Ringwood Old Thumper


  • Brakspear Best Bitter
  • Brakspear Oxford Gold

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