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Click here to visit the BIIAB's website BIIAB is the leading awarding body for the licensed retail sector. It specialises in developing and awarding qualifications to support the industry at all levels. The BIIAB's website can found at:


Click here to visit the Cask Marque's website

Cask Marque

The quality of beer in cask is better than it has ever been, but all too often that quality is less than satisfactory at the point of dispense. For more information about Cask Marque visit their website


Click here to visit the Beautiful Beer's website

Beautiful Beer

Beautiful Beer is the beer and pub industry's campaign to revitalise the image of beer. It is led by the BBPA, with the support of its member brewers and pub companies and other industry bodies.
For more information Beautiful Beer website.

Morning Advertiser

Click here to visit the The Morning Advertiser's website

The Morning Advertiser has been providing quality news to licensee's since 1794.

For more information on The Morning Advertiser click here.



Click here to visit the Marston's website

Since 1834 Marston's have been producing beers of the highest quality and taste in the home of British brewing, Burton Upon Trent. We only use the finest natural ingredients and craftsmanship available to produce a range of beers for you to enjoy. We don't compromise and believe you shouldn't have to either.

For more information on Marston's beer click here.



Click here to visit the Banks's website

Banks's are the West Midlands' favourite ales, brewed at our Park Brewery in Wolverhampton since 1875 with over 50 million pints enjoyed each year. The finest natural ingredients and our total dedication to quality delivers real Bostin' beers that are Built for the Job... and not to last!

For more information on Banks's beer click here.



Click here to visit the Jennings website

Only pure Lakeland water is used for brewing, drawn from the brewery's own well. The finest ingredients are added, including Golding hops from Kent and Fuggles hops from Herefordshire to produce the perfect pint.

For more information on Jennings click here.



Click here to visit the Jennings website

Founded in 1978, Ringwood Brewery is Hampshire's leading brewer. The brewery is situated in the New Forest market town of Ringwood on the site of the former 18th century Tunks Brewery. Ringwood brewery has built an enviable reputation for the quality of its beer and service.

For more information on Ringwood click here.


Wychwood Brewery

Click here to visit the Wychwood Brewery website

Wychwood Brewery - hand-crafted fine beers and organic ales from the famous Oxfordshire brewer.

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