Marston's Old Empire

beer marstons old empire

In the 19th century Burton-Upon-Trent became famous for brewing the best beer for export to thirsty ex-pats and colonial soldiers in India.

With it's pale appearance, strong hoppy taste and higher alcoholic strength Marston's Old Empire comprises all the genuine characteristics of a true India Pale Ale, which were necessary to last the 3 month long journey from Burton to Bombay.

Old Empire is brewed using Optic malt, a subtle and paler grain that will allow other flavours to come through on the palate. Goldings and Fuggles hops are added to this brew, which is then late hopped with the American Cascade variety for extra hop strength.

If you want to experience a genuine IPA, Dont Compromise, discover Old Empire.

"Using pale malt, English and American hops and the famous hard waters from the springs of the Trent Valley, Marston's has produced a genuine 19th-century IPA, golden in colour and bursting with quenching malt, hops and fruit character. Its colour and its flavour make Old Empire a beer that will appeal to 21st-century drinkers. Marston's has put Burton back on the map as the great historic capital of British brewing."

Good Beer Guide editor - Roger Protz

Just the facts

Marston's Old Empire is a genuine India Pale Ale with an abv of 5.7%.

You'll find it available in select cask ale pubs in the UK.

It is also available in 500ml bottles in all major supermarkets, for you to savour at home.

Alcohol units

  • 3.2 UK units per 568ml pint
  • 2.9 UK units per 500ml bottle

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