Jennings Cocker Hoop

beer jennings cockerhoop

An award-winning light golden bitter from an all malt brew, with Styrian Golding hops added at various stages, to give a distinctive hop flavour and aroma.

A beer of great character, appealing to those drinkers who really appreciate their beer and are looking for quality.

Launched in 1995 as 'September Ale', Jennings Cocker Hoop has become hugely popular throughout the country.

What's in a name?

The name is derived from 'Cock-a-Hoop', an old custom of removing the cock (or spigot) from a barrel and resting it on the hoop of the cask before commencing a drinking bout, but it was changed to reflect the brewery's location on the banks of the River Cocker.

Tasting notes

Cocker Hoop is one of the original golden ales, light in colour with a citrus finish. At 4.6% ABV Cocker Hoop is extremely drinkable.

Sizes available

  • 9 gallon casks (40.9 litres)
  • Also available in 500ml bottle

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