Jennings Bitter

beer jenning sbitter

A distinctively darker bitter, with a moreish taste and a very drinkable strength - it makes an ideal session beer.

Brewed with malt made from barley and different coloured malts, to give a nutty flavour that provides a platform for a subtle blend of English aromatic hops.

Most popular in its heartland in the Lake District, yet appreciated by countless drinkers in many other parts of the country.

Jennings Bitter is the original beer to come from the Cockermouth brewery.

Tasting notes

Jennings Bitter is slightly darker than one would expect, for a bitter with such fullness of flavour. It is well balanced and satisfying, with character which belies its 3.5% ABV.

Sizes available

  • 9 gallon casks (40.9 litres)
  • 18 gallon casks (81.8 litres)

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