Introduction: Growing Your Range

The most important factor when choosing your range is to ensure that that number of ales on sale are suitable for the total amount of cask beer you are selling.

  • Use a weekend guest ale to increase sales at a key trading time
  • Any one of the Select Brands prepared for sale Thursday to Sunday
  • Order one or two firkins and when these have gone they're gone!
  • Advertise and enthuse your customers; let them know what you have coming up
  • Ask them which cask ale they want to drink the following week
  • The aim is to increase demand for cask ale to the level that you can permanently stock another handpull within your range
  • Then you use the weekend guest method again to take you up to the next level!
Interact with your customers and discuss which ales they would like to see on sale in your outlet!

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Golden rule

The golden rule is that you should always sell the right size container and be able to empty whichever size cask you have within three days.

See the handpull selection process