Justifying a higher RSP

There is a huge opportunity for increased profits from cask ale:

If retail pricing can be improved:

As a rule cask ale consumers are more affluent and therefore have more money to spend

Whilst they want value for money cask ale drinkers are prepared to pay a premium for a quality pint because they all:

  • Have a level of product knowledge, from expert to well informed
  • Appreciate that a quality pint is down to the skill, care & attention of a dedicated pub landlord & staff

Historically ale has been sold at a lower price than lager, largely because of the burden of low pricing for keg ale. For cask ale however the recommendation is as follows if it can be demonstrated to customers that ale is being kept and served in perfect condition and if an outlet can gain a reputation as a top quality cask ale venue:

  • Standard Cask Ale pricing close to or parity with standard lager
  • Premium Cask Ale pricing close to or parity with premium lager

It maybe impossible to raise the price of all cask ales to the levels above. If this is the case and throughputs permit, consider pricing your rotating weekly/monthly guest ales at a premium to your tried and trusted brands

If yields can be improved through excellent line cleaning regimes and product quality

Convince drinkers of your quality credentials

Quality presentation and perfect pour

Train staff in beer appreciation

Make recommendations and matches with food

Show confidence with a 'Try before you buy' offer

Educate drinkers and staff that cask beer is a craft product eg:

  • Freshest beer available
  • Regional provenance
  • Quality ingredients

89% of customers agree it's worth paying more for quality ale