Promotional hints & tips

Here are a few hints and tips to help promote your pub

Train all your staff to have a basic knowledge of the cask ales you sell. Just as a quality wine outlet demonstrates a level of knowledge of the wines they sell so a quality cask outlet should be able to do the same for cask ale

Advertise the fact you stock quality cask ales - use chalkboards to promote ales of the week/month and to provide tasting notes and basic brand information such as colour, abv and taste. Cyclops tasting notes are available for most cask ales that provide this information

Sampling - encourage your customers to try different cask ales. Use third of a pint sample platters or offer 'Try before you buy' samples. Both of these demonstrate your confidence in your range of cask ales and simple kits are already available so you don't have to source these yourself

Tap into existing national promotions such as Cask Ale week every year (2009 6th-13th April) -it helps to promote cask ale and is therefore a cost effective way for you to promote your cask range

Consider running mini real ale festivals to create interest and drive footfall. Remember the following

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Cask Ale week dates

Monday, 6th April - Launch Day

Wednesday, 8th April - FemALE day

Thursday, 9th April - Introduce a Friend Day"

Friday 10th/Saturday 11th April - Free Brewery Visits

Saturday 11th April - The BIG FINALE! World Record attempt to break the World's Largest Toast

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